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14 years ago

14 years ago, I changed my number, left my mother, and moved to Illinois to live with a boy. We married a few weeks later on this day, January 26th. It’s been an “Adventure of a lifetime” – Coldplay. As Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days sang, “A real love survives a rocksteady vibe.” … Continue reading


Livin in Leggins

Though there’s definitely a few more weeks of heat (it’s been hot and humid out in my parts), I’ve, as of late, been thinking about my winter clothing game. So, since I walk the kiddos to and from school e’reday, I don’t really like/feel comfortable stepping out decked in my trendiest pieces. That’s practically my … Continue reading

Getting my life


Let me tell you all how I’ve been getting my life. This summer has been all about the kiddos. Now that they’ve grown up a lil bit, they can do all this stuff. Summer camp, soccer, football. We’re taking more “family” trips and such. One to Georgia, then we’ll head to Saugatuck just smack dab … Continue reading