Let me know if you got it or if you are getting it

This page is similar to a ‘wishlist!’ What I’d like to know is whether or not you like it, got it or are getting it. Please leave a note and let me know. Though it is mainly for fashion, I’d also like to share music, pictures, thoughts on various topics, etc. I am very new to this and not that graphically savvy, rather, not graphically savvy at all. This blog is in the ‘beginning’ stages. It was actually only intended for pictures of items that I like in which I would check the items that I own, plan to purchase, or that I will most likely never purchase, at least not anytime soon. Been wanting a Gucci purse forever and when I had the opportunity to purchase one (the Gucci store inside the Somerset Collection in Troy MI was having a major sale), I passed because I didnt ‘love’ any of the sale items. I have to love it if I’m spending that much money. The bag I’ve always wanted is at least seven years old and therefore I will most likely never be able to get it since Gucci does not stock older bags.  Back to the subject at hand, I’m not sure if I can even put a little box next to each item and place a check in it. I also wanted to list the items in three tiers, side-by-side. Perhaps I was not imagining a blog but something else. Again, I didnt intend to actually write… so we will see what this morphs into. I have a lot of passions with little time and, I’m a Gemini. So it’s extremely easy to lose focus since I get easily xcited about other ideas. Such as a book I’m thinking about writing. We’ll actually coordinating articles from people in this particular industry to contribute to ; ) We’ll see.


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