Why Urban Outfitters is the bomb

Urban Outfitters never ceases to disappoint me. It’s such a fun store. Besides all the cute clothes and accessories, there’s furniture, kitchen ware, pictures, games. Heck, the last time I visited, which was not too long ago while shopping for a birthday gift for a friend, I even came across the cutest, tiniest sewing machine. The only reason I did not buy it is because I know for a fact I am not about to sit down and sew anything. However, I did spend last evening sewing buttons on several winter coats. But this particular machine did not come equipped with a button sewer option (of course I didn’t actually read the box to know if this is 100% true. It very well could’ve but I am assuming based on the size of the thing). So, the first time I actually ordered from the online store was about a month ago & boy was I impressed. My items came in like four days. It took my forever21 pants about two weeks. I purchased a jumper that happened to be way too large once I tried it on, and to my surprise, right in the box were the simplest return / exchange instructions ever, along with a ‘bill recipient” shipping label. I was extremely pleased that it would cost me absolutely nothing to return the jumper. So, I sent the  jumper back and to my surprise, the new jumper still arrived in less time than it took my forever21 jeans. You should’ve seen me skipping up my walkway when I noticed the gray package at my doorstep. Needless to say, I am an Urban Outfitters fan for life. They make me so happy!


3 thoughts on “Why Urban Outfitters is the bomb

  1. I ADORE urban outiftters. I actually bought the boo this awesome record player that lets you play the records while your able to download the records to your computer. Which you can still have your vinyl sound on your ipod. So sweet. I also get alot of my fly hats from there.


  2. I’m so scared of online shopping! But you are pretty convincing with this post so I may check out Urban Outfitters site and give em a try. I love their stuff!

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