Hair Woes – The Case of the X Hairdresser

Not really sure if hairdresser is one or two words??? I have not had the best hair luck during my five years here in IL. Trying to find a hairdresser for black, non chemically treated hair in the Chicago area is like trying to grow your bust with some magic cream. Perhaps not as difficult, but high on the difficulty scale. Every single time I scheduled a hair appt and they discovered I 1. was black, and 2. did not have a relaxer, they’d immediately try to convince me why their relaxer and their products were so awesome and that I’d be much happier relaxing my hair. Please realize these conversations all took place over the phone prior to them ever even seeing my hair!  And boy did they not know how to do natural hair!!! I always came home from the shop just to pull out my own flat irons and hit my roots.  Pretty soon, I learned how to hook my own hair up becuase I always did a better job. Now, out of all of my bad experiences, there was one particular lovely woman who I was introduced to that actually had some talent. This woman would whip my hair up and I was always satisfied after sitting in her chair. But why is it always something wrong with the good ones? It’s like she does not like money! Getting my color touched up once a month is quite expensive, and what I would think is nice amount of pocket change.  However, she rarely answers her phone or returns my phone calls. I called her three times two weeks before xmas to try to get it right before coming home for the holidays. I left specific days I was available – the Mon, Tues or Wed before xmas, on her voicemail all three times. This chick did not call me until Tues, one of the days I requested, to let me know she would be unable to service me until the following week after xmas. Thank goodness by that time I’d wised up and made an appt with my old stylist in Detroit who hooked me up. And because of the color in my hair, I’d been walking around with at least an inch of roots. This experience forced me go back to my original color which is the #1 worst reason in my opinion. Gosh, she’ll never hear from me again.


3 thoughts on “Hair Woes – The Case of the X Hairdresser

  1. I’ve been in Dallas for nearly five years and still have not been able to find a good, reliable stylist for my relaxed hair – – so I definitely feel your pain! I always have to make a hair appointment when I visit the D!

    It sux because I’m lazy now and want someone else to deal with this “hair like wool”! lol

  2. I hope you have better luck with your hair out in your area. It does take alot to find someone that’s good with african american hair that will treat it right.

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