Strictly Ladies

Now, I’ve never been a fan of the hip hop, everybody look the same, fashion. I did love me some Girbaud and Parasuco during my two years working at Marshall Field’s part-time. But then I realized I was giving up my weekends of spending time with family and friends slaving at a job in which I returned every single penny I made right back into the stores pot. And, OK, I was not necessarily slaving…more like standing around (or leaning over the counter), lolly gagging, giving my digits out to the riff raff that stopped by to, ‘talk,’ and sneaking off to the junior section. Come to think of it, that job was not that bad at all. Though I was broke, I’d like to think I stayed fresh. But long gone are the days of the old street chic, now, being in this ‘professional’ role, I must dress the part. And come on, I am a super girly girl. However, The Man happened to stop by Strictly Ladies on 7 mile and purchased this banging Pepe outfit for me this past X holiday. The jeans were a lil tight so I went with him to return them, only to re-purchase them because they didn’t have a 30 – they run a little small (when I first put them on, it was quite a struggle & the button popped open, but don’t worry, I started my sit up regimen yesterday and I’ll wear one of those spandex under shirts tucked in so you wont see crack). We ended up picking up a few more items, including some Rockport Gor-tex boots for him. And I have to say, we would’ve never made those purchases had it not been for the  friendly and welcoming personalities that greeted and assisted us. I work in sales and customer service and so can definitely appreciate the courteousness and helpfulness of others in similar industries. Needless to say, I am probably more pleased with the service than the clothes…well probably equally pleased, and will return to Strictly Ladies in the future. It’s not all ‘street clothes,’ as I assumed. It was all classy and I got a really nice flowy dress that I can wear to a wedding. Somebody get married!!!

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