Accessories / Shoes / Thoughts Your order has shipped

Now this is the type of email I like to see. I know I previously wrote about Urban Outfitters, in which I now primarily only shop online at, which is why this will be very short and brief. When I get these emails, it’s like this super warm, tingling sensation stirs deep down in my belly and rises to the top of my head and my mouth spreads into the cheesiest grin ever. Then I just have to get on my feet and do the happy dance!!! BTW, I placed this order Mon afternoon and it will be here tomorrow despite the blizzardish conditions we’ve encountered all week. Yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. u absolutely must check out their watches!!!


Nixon the Time Teller $60

My new, man shoes & u can’t beat real leather at this price!

Deena and Ozzy Quad Skimmer $38

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