Oh Dooney, what happened to you?

I am very saddened that Dooney & Burke has not been able to keep up. But then again, perhaps it is their choice not to. I know they have a specific client in which I thought I fell into this category, but sadly, I do not, at least not anymore. Just the other day I was browsing through the handbag selection in Macy’s which used to be Marshall Field’s which used to be Hudsons (is that all?) at Fairlane, and was quite surprised to see a Dooney that actually caught my eye. I have not had this pleasure in a very long time. I remember excitedly waiting for the twice a year sale at said store where designer bags were 20% off. And though I do not have like a million Dooney’s – I’m no slave to one brand ladies – I do have more of these than any other brand, unless of course no-name brands count as a separate category! The whole ‘signature’ thing got very much out of hand & I feel they completely missed the boat trying to cater to a new generation. Coach on the other hand has done extremely well re-piquing my interest. I became a non Coach fan because everybody and they mama was carrying Coach, but The Man got me one for a birthday and I was pleasantly surprised. He did good, as usual – know’s me oh so well ; ) Every time I walk into a department store I hafta stop at the Coach counter and look (not touch). Mind you it’s not that often since I’d rather sit my butt in this chair and shop on-line than facing the masses out there. I love love love the multiple, metal tags. However, I will leave with you a very chic, commemorative Dooney bag reminiscent of why I used to love em’ so muchLeather: Commemorative All-Weather Leather Duck Bag

 Duck Bag $165


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