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Why is it so difficult…

to find Over the Knee, Peep Toe, Flat, Patent Leather Boots that comes up higher in the front? I have been aimlessly searching since before xmas and am extremely frustrated. My fear is that by the time I find them, it will be spring. Then next winter, everyone will be coping them. I saw a girl wearing the exact same description of these boots except her’s were not peep toe.  Mind you, I’d already decided I wanted these before I saw her. Perhaps they only exist in my head and not in real life meaning I really need to start designing shoes like J.Aldridge by Sea of Shoes, my new favorite brand.

J.Aldridge by Sea of Shoes Laced Boot $69.99 at



5 thoughts on “Why is it so difficult…

  1. these boots r actually pretty cute, but i don’t understand wearing boots with your toes out?????? how does that work? they’re boots so u can’t wear them in the spring. but the peep toe really worries me. it’s freaking cold outside! what the hell is gonna happen to ur poor toes, out there in 30 degree weather with ice and snow? imagine: u all wrapped up, coat, hat, scarf, gloves…….but u got ya damn toes out! lol. wtf?????

    • i happen to wear open toe shoes in 30 degree weather. as long as there is no snow on the sidewalk thankuverymuch! have u ever heard of trouser socks, tights, or leggings? they make em pretty thick

  2. Wife, thanks for posting all these hot items. Now I have gift ideas for the next 5 years. Unless you beat me to the purchase! Loving and lusting after you, Steve

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