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All Man Made Materials…I think not!

There are so many options nowadays where u no longer have to sacrifice quality. So why why why do I still see so many women buying shoes that are all man made leather / materials. It actually irks me. Okkk, I have to be honest and let you all know that I use to fall into this category until The Man put me on game. He is an extremely masculine version of a very non metrosexual, yet male, fashionista. Better yet, fashionisto – hope u don’t take offense to that ; ) So the old me would pretty much buy whatever’s cute regardless of quality, and also regardless of price. By that I mean, I’d spend, you know, not a ton of money cause I’ve never had it like that, but more than what an item was worth considering it is FAKE or will fall apart.  It’s just like a man actually. Look INSIDE to see if it is real, because otherwise, you’ll be spending your money on something that is plain and simply, worthless. Start with the shoes.


BCBGirls Sole $19.90


Cornell JS $29.90


Carlee $59.99

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