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Learn a Lesson

Just this past Saturday, I threw The Man a super awesome 30th birthday party at the house. So, the procrastinator in me waited to the absolute last-minute to do pretty much everything, including folding the towels that I laundered two days prior. OK, the real problem is we have way too many towels. I strongly feel that they should not take up two rows in our linen closet but I needed to put them somewhere. So I grabbed the step ladder since I can not reach the very top shelf of the closet. After putting the towels up (which I just realized was not a very wise idea because now, I will have to get the step ladder out to get them down), my cell phone rang. Shay (Gale) was calling to get the heavy on the jello shots she offered to make, which turned out super yummy! I stepped into the powder room not realizing the terrible twooer had climbed onto the ladder and reached over, grabbing my tub of nail polish on the second shelf, causing it to fall (this is all my assumption as I did not actually see him on the ladder, but there is no other reasonable explanation). I guess I should feel lucky that only 1 bottle of polish burst open opposed to multiple bottles, however, it happened to be the brightest, 80’s pink ever, and man did it splatter. Hopefully you can understand my disappointment, I mean, this was like two hours before the big party. Big ups to the brother n law that diligently tried to get it up. But there is still a large pink spot in the carpet right at the top of the landing. 

Lesson learned: Reduce towels to one row so step stool is not needed, or buy Incoco Dry Nail Applique

Neon Yellow (IDMN01)


One thought on “Learn a Lesson

  1. I’m glad everything worked out. Try some Sol-U-Mel on the carpet full strength, just do a small area first to make sure you don’t make it worst.

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