Garb / Jeans

Been a min!

Everything has been super crazy lately

as I’m sure many people can attest too! But I’m bzack and super xcited bcause an opportunity fell right into my lap today. How’s about that? More to come later,  just about a magazine and an article. We’ll see how that shapes up. So now to the flyness…

  Silence & Noise Motocross Skinny Jean

Silence and Noise Motorcross Skinny Jean $68

Tho the pic is small, you get the point right? These are super cute and can be accompanied with the minimalist in mind while still doing something big. 

Vintage 1 Early Action Motorcycle Jeans $165

I don’t think these jeans need a description. Just plain fly!

Beige Marble Biker Jeans $100 

Uhm, obviously the biker thing is totally in. And I am completely infatuated with anything that has zippers on it. Especially the bottom of the pant leg

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