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$5 sale at


Thank goodness I went to their site today because they are having a $5 clearance sale! OK, you can only choose one item at $5, but c’mon, that’s a great deal. This is what I chose,


It is now $24.99 but I’m going to get it for $5. Now… the dresses above are NOT clearanced as possible $5 items, otherwise I’d be all over it using multiple names / accounts & overdoingit! Accessories are buy one, get one 50% off and I am not a big buyer of jewelry from these types of stores as it is usually low quality and waaay overpriced. Stones fall off, clasps break, color tarnishes etc…I’d much rather stick with Lia Sophia (see Mishels at However, I’m diggin’ this sea anemone stretch ring for $14.00,


but would most likely, rather go for this twist bow stretch belt for $19.50,


(or both?) It is polyester/polyurethane but we can still be fly in the fake stuff if it is truly worth it (unless we are talking about shoes!!!). And speaking of (shoes), you do not need to check these out, trust me, it’ll be a waste of your time. 

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