I was just thinking about this while on I love how you can wear pretty much anything nowadays. It was so not the case in H.S. and boy was I ridiculed. I put together some weird stuff back then, mainly because 1. I absolutely did not want to look like everyone else walking down the hallway, and 2. I really didn’t give a care. Plus I thought I was kinda cute too, so it didn’t matter anyway.  Funny how some of the stuff I did back then became styles though. It’s so easy to look freaking cute/trendy/adorable now, and I loooove how they feature real women in magazines randomly walking down the street looking all fly. All right, but lets talk about Rihanna and her style. She is one of my faves and I absolutely do not care whether it’s her, a stylist or her momma dressing her. She looks darn fly in just about everything and can pull off any look.


Real low key and casual but still quite fly. Love the shoes and the nail polish.

How can you not love this look?

I’d take her closet in a heartbeat


One thought on “STYLE!

  1. So I’m sitting here checking out Miss Rihanna and thinking to myself, my Mrs. Jave can handle all that too. I understand WHY you think her style is fly…

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