This Purse?

Temperley London Pirouette leather pouch bag

I have been scoping this for quite some time now but absolutely cannot break down and spend $360 on this piroutte leather pouch bag . It is rather pretty but heck, I don’t even recognize the brand, Temperley London. However, it is leather and now that I’m ‘investigating’ as we speak (or as I write), she (or he) has some rather nice items. Such as this selphie lace shrug

Temperley London Selphie lace shrug

in which I am not even going to add the price. Especially since it’s nylon and viscose. I’m still quite horrified at the sight of the price and do not want to cause unneccessary dread on you. So…on to the next one.  Here’s something a little more affordable from Betsey Johnson who I normally am not in agreeance with when it comes to handbags;

Betsey Johnson 'Heart of Gold' Satchel

$200 at Nordstrom.com. I am a MAJOR fan of bows, hearts and anything ruffly, rather it be slightly or not. I also am really diggin the bold color. Not your cup of tea? Well how about this,

I’m only truly excited about it because it’s Bally and only $205 at love-worn.com!!! I am a frequent visitor to Bally’s website but have never crossed the line from browser to buyer. The Man owns a pair of dress shoes and I am completely jealous of him, but he is a frugal shopper and mos def did not pay full price. Arghh, just realized this item is actually already SOLD and now I am extremely sad. I hate false advertisement. Remove if it is gone!!!

Hmmm, oh so close to Bally


2 thoughts on “This Purse?

  1. Oh yeah…I may have to cop that Betsy Johnson…the boo did show me some cute blue shoes that he wants to get for me, and would go GREAT with that purse. Hmmmmm

  2. I just love how you find some of the cutest..out the box stuff. You also crack me up about calling him “The Man”…that is tooo funny!

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