I just spent $40 on a Cole Haan purse!

Yep I sure did! Man I’d be so super jealous if I wasnt myself at this particular moment. It does happen to be used…got it from clothes mentor and it happens to be the first used bag I’ve ever bought in my life. But at finds like this, it is extremely likely to not be my last. Heck, this is how much I’d pay for a knock off, which normally hate because I can always tell a knock off! Many of them are not real leather & I think we all know how I love real leather and rarely settle for less. Unless I just don’t know where to shop for knock offs, in which case, I am very open to instructions!!!

I’m so excited to add this new addition to my collection of handbags that I never have the time to switch out and carry anymore. I used to change my bag almost daily, but now, only, maybe twice a week. And I also rotate between the same five or six bags now. I’m turning into a blah and need to get it together! I currently have an extremely limited amount of time dedicated to staring into my closet and admiring my things which is really, truly sad, unless ur not into that kinda kinky stuff. Back to the Haan, my purchase today has prompted me to visit the site, of course! And there are some really nice, inexpensive bags;


Halsley Straw Tote $198 colehaan.com

Of course not as inexpensive as my find today! The purse above happens to come in four different colors (the leather accessorized part of the purse).


Saddle Mini Crossbody Flap $139.95 colehaan.com

How cute is this with the gold hardware and strap? Gold is my fave right now when it comes to hardware, jewelry and accents on clothes.

Okay, so I lied, there are  only two inexpensive purses worth looking at on the website.

What I’m listening to right now – Gimme More by Britney Spears.

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