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A La Mode

I’m always on the lookout for neat, little boutiques and I struck gold when I found this one about three years ago. I love love love it and am all worked up because I had the rare opportunity to visit today! It’s in my old hood but I was in the area taking care of some business nah mean? It’s actually not that far, but it’s hard to drive distances above around, ten miles or so when everything that I need is within five. So today I purchased this super chic ring that’s kinda bronzy with a big ole green, turquoise, white and blue topper. Quite difficult to explain and my camera is not within reaching distance so…I also purchased these silver, tree outlined earrings with a dove perched just below the tree. They’re kinda like these;

Product Image Platinum Over Sterling Silver Tree Hoop Earrings - Whitebut they hang & are more ovalish with a dove at the bottom of the tree. These earrings are from, ‘gasp,’ Target, for $89.99. They’re platinum over sterling silver. Surprisingly, Target has some really nice jewelry. I’ve never shopped for anything other than costume but the other day, I browsed for about 15 minutes at some very unique items. The ring is kinda similar to this;

 but very different. This is the closest I could find by Stephen Dweck at $870 (ouch!). The boutique has tons of unique jewelry, handbags and scarves. There’s also a girls section that is adorable! It’s exactly how I picture my boutique if I owned one so kudos to the owner. If you ever happen to be in downtown Arlington Heights, IL, look it up.

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