Garb / Jeans / Purses / Shoes


My girl Shay told me about this super sweet  boutique that her friend owns, and I am soooo diggin it. Awesome, eclectic stuff – hence the name. I’d definitely like to see more items, but am quite satisfied with the flyness showcased on the site,  All though not displayed here, she does have jewelry too.

Tabloid Newsprint Leggings $39

Tanya by Jesslyn Blake $250 – This is an eco-friendly recycled vintage leather handbag (I’m sure it’s only called vintage because it is made of recycled leather…)

Wonder B Pants $52

Gigot Blouse $98

Rhinestone Rock Star jeans $20

Cocobelle Python Bahia Sandals $70 – Snake Print Jersey

Striped Bowling Handbag $74 – Leatherette Fabric not 100% sure what that is???

After I place my order, I will start my, “spending freeze,” in which I originally planned to blog about prior to opening my email and visiting this site.

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