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What’s currently on my nails

Disclaimer: This is not my hand.

I was actually looking for some new colors I saw in Glamour by Essie at Target. First of all, I did not know that Target carries Essie (or O.P.I. by the way) and was pleasantly surprised at my discovery. But neither brand had any updated, spring colors so I figure Target only carries previous season or older colors. Anywho, just a few rows below Essie was Sally. What drew me to it were the words, “Insta-Dri.” I tend to do my nails, like, right before bed and therefore, the polish gets smudged in my sheets, and that’s not very good. This is the quickest drying polish I have ever used in my whole entire life, and I am rather pleased. My associate even complimented the shine today, and I did not use a topcoat! I think it was a little over $4 and there were some really inspiring spring colors. After looking on the web, I’ve decided that I absolutely need the color brisk blue in my life. I will soon be making another trip to Target (or Walgreen’s).


2 thoughts on “What’s currently on my nails

  1. Thanks! I will check into this bright vibrant colors! You know how I love for my nails to be the star of the show!! Beautiful!

  2. lol me and siana were polishing our nails with this in target this weekend. it really is insta dry for sure! lol

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