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Time for Spring Cleaning

eventho we’re heading into summer hehe! by cleaning, I mean, out my purses. I am missing multiple pairs of earrings and the probable hiding spaces are my purses. I was just looking at a pic of myself on FB (sounds vain, but for what it’s worth, it was not a good one) and noticed a pair that I havent worn in a very loooong time. Sad thing is I actually forgot about them. Now that I’m aware of this ‘problem,’ I can think of at least four pairs of earrings that have just disappeared out of my life. I’m sure there are many other treasures that I will find as the result of spring cleaning. I can not wait to be delighted (or grossed out, last time I did this I found a diced plum in a sandwich baggie – that’s better than the banana’s that was in my top drawer back on commonwealth, but we are not talking about cleaning out drawers). This process is an absolute necessity at least once per quarter.

Both Lia Sophia

2 thoughts on “Time for Spring Cleaning

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