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What I found in my purses

This is actually not bad at all. I did find one pair of missing earrings, and my super funky watch. That Aveda hand lotion all the way on the back right hand side is the best I’ve ever used in my entire life. Gotta keep a flashlight at all times. It recently came in handy when I had to replace the mouse on my work computer. It’s super dark under those desks! And the flyer of Trey Songs been going with me everywhere for about a year (google Smooth magazine Aug 2009). He’s sooo cute, but of course not as cute as The Man! I’ll probably have to throw him away shortly after this posts…

I also found tons of lip gloss, as you can see. Initially, I did not like that orange gloss, but when I recently put it on, it was amazing, and I received major compliments. All the wonderful things you can find when you’re spring cleaning. Now it’s on to the linen closet…


One thought on “What I found in my purses

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