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It has been about 5 years since my last posting and for that, I greatly apologize. I’ve been super busy having way too much fun this summer, Lol!

So I just opened my mail and violá, there’s another Express booklet with the $30 off a purchase of $75 and $40 off $100. I will most likely use it on a dress or something, though I am not a huge Express fan. It used to be my most favorite store in the whole entire world and I still have a few blouses that are at least 7 yrs old, but that is the past. I also worked there for about four months when I first moved to Chicago. I hafta say that Express was probably one of my worst jobs ever. Despite the fact that my manager, who was extra nice when she hired me, turned out to be a person needing absolutely no praise and quite honestly, the biggest you know what. On top of that, you had to ask for permission to, gasp, use the bathroom!!! That still baffles me to this day and that was more than 5 yrs ago! So one day, I’m on the sales floor, and you know, we all use these radios. I left my area moving towards the back to, ‘do my thing in the ladies room,’ when super mean you know what abruptly asks me where I am going. Of course I was extremely caught off guard because doing the do is kind’ve a personal matter. However, when I told her, in front of all the other girls over the radio, she reamed me telling me that I have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Really??? Is it that deep???

As you can see based on my tenure above, I did not last there long. Despite that awful experience, that is not the reason I do not care for Express that much. I personally think the quality of the clothes are not worth the price tag. Anything with beads, etc, may fall off just by touching it. And I hate when clothes stretch the wrong way, like those jersey cotton sheets. They’re super comfortable, but after throwing them in the wash, they stretch all out of shape.

So, I was wishfully hoping that I could use the coupon at victorias secret since they are owned by the same company, right? But I cannot. The back of the coupon says so. Some of my options are;


Chiffon Vertical Ruffle Dress $79.90


Rouched Bow Dress $98

Or perhaps a skirt


Sequin Mini Skirt $39

Maybe some leggings?


Zelda Jean Legging $69.90 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)

Or a blouse?


Embellished Shark Bite Dolman Tee $39.90 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)


 $34.90 (same deal as above)

On a side note, I’d never suggest accessories from Express. Though really cute, they also fall apart, tarnish, whatever, very quickly, and again, not worth the $17+ price tag when you can get something of higher quality and perhaps real from stores such as Loehmann’s or Nordstrom Rack.

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