Accessories / Belts

The Skinny Belt

I have been looking for the perfect skinny belt ever since my co-worker came to work with this super cute, skinny, metal belt wrapped around a simple black dress. It’s the kindve belt that clicks into itself instead of buckling, which makes it even more desirable. I was super shocked when she told me she got it from Target. I would have totally upped and trotted to Target at that very moment if it hadn’t been years since she made her purchase. So now the hunt is on. To my dismay, I’ll probably never find that exact belt, but I am absolutely certain I will find something just as trendy, if not trendier…

I thought I’d start with this chain like gold belt. Not at all what I had in mind but ultra cute and trendy. Order it thru for $34.99 by Linea Pelle

Guess Chain Belt $48

Linea Pelle Skinny Leather Belt with Pyramid Studs

Linea Pelle Skinny Leather Belt $60

MICHAEL Michael Kors Belt with Studded Pouch

Michael Kors belt with Studded Pouch $48

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Hamilton' Chain Belt with Bag

Micheal Kors ‘Hamilton’ Chain Belt with Bag $48

I really wasnt looking for the belt purse, but these two finds just delighted me right out of my computer chair. And they’re so inexpensive. I have a belt purse that I picked up a few years ago from the Forever21 accessories store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. Every time I wear it, I feel like the shiznit and people always ask me about it. I’m happy that more than likely I’m one of few who owns such a hip purse, but am very excited to share this new, similar find with y’all.



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