Fall, into this jacket

I said I would never ever purchase another wool coat again in my entire life. Super harsh on black hair. But, I am going back on my word because this jacket cannot be passed up. The hardest decision I have to make is whether to get it in Camel or Navy.

Dont you just love the little button and itty bitty ‘wings?’ Me too!

So, I’ve been extremely diligent for months trying to get my hair healthy (after color treating my hair every single month for at least 6 months – ouch – we know better!!). The Nexxus Humectress has worked wonders and I am not about to throw away all this hard work away on a wool coat. My alternative will be a nice silk scarf. Preferably one of those circle scarves that are hot and trendy right now in a funky multi color. Get this jacket at Express for $198 but please please please take care of that hair ladies!!! Or, you can just get something like this,

I love the puff sleeves. But you can only really wear this style in no less than 60 degree weather unless you throw a long sleeve blouse or thin sweater under. This jacket is $39 at 

I know, I know, how is this a jacket? Well Forever21 says it is.  Super cute and $36.

Gorgeous! The gold buttons is doing it big on this number! Unfortunately its polyester/rayon which wouldn’t be as icky if this jacket wasnt $168. By Guess at


Soon I will be looking for a ‘real’ winter coat. You know, one you can wear in negative temperatures. That’s the exciting part about fluctuations in weight. I just pulled all my jackets/coats out, picked who I want to have what as pretty much nothing fits anymore (that happens after kids), & now I get to buy stuff without having to explain to The Man how, “This is so cute,” and, “I just can’t live without it.” Now I can simply say, “I need it.”     :  )


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