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I’m a gal, gal

I could literally shop all day – thru the www’s that is. Too lazy and impatient to stomp around the brick and mortar all day. I really feel like I am only doing a disservice to myself by not feeding these constant urges. The Man, I am sure, would be in complete disagreeance. & if I happened to feed em anyway, I am also sure that I’d be one lonely, single gal. So, I will continue to live this fantasy through this blog, at least until my pocket-book catches up with my urges.

Obviously I am all about the corsets right now (see previous post), or perhaps it’s not just me but the universe. I can only kinda associate this with vampires. Weird analogy but aren’t people totally into vampires right now? And the old(er) movies about vampires usually portrayed women in corsets. I could be completely off, especially since I havent watched one vampire movie, vampire T.V. show, or read one vampire book within the last, I don’t know how many years, but what I’m trying to say is that I’m not down with this whole vampire era, unless the whole corset thing is truly associated. So the dress above, living dead souls corset dress (what an eerie name) can be found out chaoticclothing.co.uk for $51. And on a whole nother note,

Wimbledon usa.frenchconnection.com $50

It’s like being sexy and cute all in the same dress. I’d love to stand out in this show stopper. I think the best way to go with this is super playful by adding  large, colorful, chunky bracelets, some dangly earrings and a turquoise clutch. 

I just know that you will be marvelously delighted that I have found the most perfect wear to a wedding dress ever;

I am one of those gals who doesn’t care if I am equally awed at a wedding. And since this dress is such a classic style (with a sexy back and lots of pop), one can still get away with it.Too bad I can’t actually show you the back. It’s really the best part about this dress.

Now if someone will just get married and invite me!

Black Rose Open Back Dress misselfridge.com $70


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