Garb / Skirts

Twirl once for me

I’ve always been a lover of the skirt, but good ones that fit properly and accentuate, are so darn hard to find. The good thing about skirts is it’s so easy to make them fit whatever image you are trying to project any given day. Whether you want to be classy, flirty, trendy, or even sporty, you can decide between a silky blouse, a casual, blousy t-shirt, or a wife beater, it’s all up to you. Dress it up with booties, or down with some flats.  And don’t even let me get started on the tights, ooh wee! The hardest part about ordering em on-line is you have to wait until the package arrives to try it on. Gotta make sure the hips and glute look awesome. So, though the following skirts are all super cute, I highly suggest actually visiting a store, or psyching yourself you’re not too disappointed if it doesn’t fit quite right.

Vintage Floral Print Skirt $65

Tailored Strip Skirt $60

Dogtoothed Hitched Skirt $54

Aerial Ribbon Skirt $55 


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