If you’ve never been to OPI’s website…


I must admit that I may have a slight fascination all of sudden with this particular brand. I am definitely not a one polish brand only type of gal, shucks, I absolutely love Sinful Colors which is a heck of a lot cheaper, and we all know how much  love Sally. But I recognize the long lastingness and anti-chipness (yes I just made up those words) quality of the brand. So, I thought, hmmm, why don’t I go and check out the website??? And now, after being completely amazed, I am wondering why I never ever went to the site before? They have a hand that you can play with the complexion and length of nail, totally testing out the colors just like hairstyles. Its freaking awesome! Its even categorized to make it easier, if you choose that option. I’m really feeling the Designer Series, cause I’m a sparkly kinda girl, and the Metallics. Check out the tabs too. Specifically the Beauty Consult tab with a Nails RX section set up in a question/answer format, quick tip videos and a fashion forecast section.


Designer Series Mystery



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