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Glamming it up!

I am like, really excited for New Years Eve this year. No I do not actually have any plans yet…well I have ‘kind’ve plans,’ but they’re not official until I find a sitter, hehe! I just want to get all dolled up and go party like a rock star! Hopefully, you know what you’re doing in about two weeks, but you may not know what you’re wearing. I was on Express site looking at all their party dresses and nothing particularly sparked my interest. I was searching for that silver, sparkly dress on the post card they sent awhile ago but it must be all sold out. So on to plan B, Go to, “Girl on a Budget,” (cause that’s how I shop, baby) and click on “Party styles under $100.” You can put together your entire outfit here. There are no pants so if you happen to be in an area where it’s frigidly cold, I suggest throwing on some super thick tights or leggings (or both) or pairing a sparkly top with some awesome jeans. And those you can find at between $49.99 and $69.99,

Aryn K Renn Pleated Top $92

Hive & Honey Mesh Drop Earring $24

Michael Antonio Keme $59

Tinley Road Deco Fringe Earring $24

Tinley Road Silver One Shoulder Dress $69

Tinley Road Three Layer Necklace $28 Fancy Mini WaistPack $25 Romance Pants $40 Embellished Zelda Jean Legging $59.99 Rerock Jean Legging $59.99

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