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Perhaps you’ve never heard of Lulus.com?

Well, here are a few reasons why you need to become acquainted;

Lulus.com Cocoon Lullaby Taupe Dress $45

Almost blends with skin… ; )

Lulus.com Garland of Hours Black & Cream Lace Dress $40

Absolutely adore lace overlay!

Lulus.com Go Max Mina 13 Booties $41

Here’s the real deal. Yes these are man-made, however, the straps are vegan leather (so they say). Rubber sole which is good because it wont leave skid marks, but you know how those rubber soles can kinda ‘stop’ your stride and cause you to trip a little? Eventually we get the hang of it right ladies?

Lulus.com Michael Antonio Logi Nude Buckle Back Platforms $75

Two-tone shoes make my heart palpitate. Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, as the world would say. The buckle is like the icing on the cake. Hint: the shoe is actually the cake. A very nude cake that is. Nude is about the sexiest shoe color that ever existed. Of course that is just my personal opinion. I think it’s quite obvious this shoe makes me extremely happy.

Lulus.com Pink-quins Satin Pink Dress $58

Pair this with one of those black, short, leather jackets (I saw a few at Bebe the day after Thanksgiving. They had some really cool over the knee boots 50% off too). The kind that is shorter in the back than the front. You don’t want to get too frilly by adding a super ladylike sweater or one of those ruffled, wool jackets that are all the rage right now. Of course that totally depends on the occasion/venue.

Lulus.com Side to Side Black Dress $27.5


I mean, for real? Do I really need to comment on this one? I love everything about this. From the super short silver, sparkly shorts underneath, to the thigh-high socks that you honestly can pull off in any color – gray, burgundy, shucks even a bold, Big Bird yellow, down to the red open toe’s. I would add a super long silver necklace tho.

Lulus.com Steve Madden Rebecka Taupe $89.5

There’s that almost nude again. Very Gladiatorish with a feminine kick.

Lulus.com Vintage Vixen Lace White Dress $34

As you can see, my style repeats itself, hence the lace overlay. Again. How cute! Kinda 60ish with a modern twist.


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