Thoughts, My New Best Friend!

This resident gets packages from ALL the time. So one day, I just asked her about it. Y Amazon? Price, Convenience? Efficiency of delivery? Customer service? It was pretty much all of the above. I would like to thank that resident for getting all those Amazon boxes because it definitely piqued my interest, and now I am an avid Amazonian shopper :  ) Besides it being like a one stop shop, I just can’t get enough of the reviews (and super saver shipping). Every single xmas gift bought this past season came from Amazon. I’ve also recently purchased one of those hand-held vacuum’s (for the hair in the bathroom, etc), some fake, hanging flowers for the model apartment at my work (which I lost the receipt for so I can’t expense it – darn!), and The Man’s birthday present, in which I can not disclose what exactly it is at this time since it has not arrived (and for those who know the date of his birth, yes it is late…it’s the thought right?). Needless to say, I am rather pleased. Currently I am eyeing one of those bathroom tub caddies. You know, the ones that have a special spot to prop up a book, hold your wine glass and reflect with a  small candle while you soak and relax? To go with that I’ll also need a bath pillow (mine has a hole in it) and while browsing for these items, I came to the conclusion that I also need one of those full body lounge pillows so my butt doesn’t get sore from settling on the bottom of the tub for too long. See, Amazon just thinks of everything! Not only will it show you what you’re looking for, it will also show you the ‘accessories’ or ‘other items’ you never even thought about so you can spend even more moolah – cha ching$ I’d have to say that is the geniusness of super clever and intelligent marketing. But you have to get it fast (another clever marketing thing) – the price can increase if you ‘sit on it.’


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