Bubbles in your polish?

An attribute of a true frugalista is the ability to do ones own nails. All tho The Man seems to believe I spend more money buying new nail polish than what it would cost to get a manicure… So, I’ve been having this problem. I usually wait until I retire for the evening and do my nails in the bed. Don’t worry, I buy quick drying nail polish and if I happen to spot an awesome non-quick drying color, I have my handy-dandy Sally Hansen insta dri. The problem is that I am so incredibly impatient, I don’t wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. And all this time I’ve been getting super upset with my nail polishes because I thought it was them causing the air bubbles when it fact…it was really me…oopsie! So now I vow to be patient, because otherwise, what a complete waste of my precious time! During my frustrated google search, I also learned that you should keep your nail polish in the refrigerator. It increases the longevity of the polish and glides on much smoother. Fortunately I am wise enough not to ‘try this at home.’ I can’t even imagine the destruction once two small boys get into it. However, for those older, thick polishes, you can pour a drop off nail polish remover to thin it out.  

Whats currently on my nails; Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Turquoise Chrome

Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pen, Turquoise Chrome 04


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