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Akira Chicago Runway Show

The 'Akira Crew'

Shay & Kris


Guess Who?

Yours Truly Dress: Bebe; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Cuff: Cèst La Vie; Earrings: Bebe

Yes we had a great time enjoying the alcohol, miniature pulled pork sandwiches, sushi, lactose free cheese and crab sandwiches… oh and of course the show ; ) The runway show was the bomb, featuring tons of cute clothes, (though the models were super thin) and jewelry (by another designer). However, people watching was the highlight of the night as we had two hours prior to the show to do exactly that. I saw some seriously unique stuff going on with the ladies (& the men) and was very pleased with all the eye candy. By eye candy I mean cool tights, brightly colored shoes, edgy coats – you name it. So thanks to all the lovely mamacita’s strutting themselves on and off the runway. I’ve got plenty of ideas for adding to my closet (lightly tapping my fingers together).

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