Garb / Rompers

Rockin a Romper

My most favorite thing in the whole entire world right now (relating to fashion of course) is rompers. I purchased a black, comfortable pant one a few years ago from and just knew I was on to something. You can find them as shorts too, and in 3/4 lengths. Dressed up or playful, tight, loose, one shoulder, shoulder baring, bustier, halter, belted or not, and in just about any fabric, color, or design imaginable. Not to mention price tag – I found one dirt cheap at the Armani outlet reduced from $130 to $49, then cut in half when I got to the register! Theyre fashion forward  statement pieces, yet super easy. You don’t have to think about matching it with something else, tucking it in (and making sure it remains tucked), or fidgeting with the other miscellaneous items we typically fidget with when it comes to our ‘fits.  If it’s too cool, just pull on a sweater (in the absence of sleeves), or some funky tights for those 3 quarters or shorts. My advice to you, because I rarely in public see fly chics sporting these, is to quickly cop you a romper to remain fashion forward, lest you be left behind…

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