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Four Wonderful Things Currently at Neiman’s


So I recently visited Neiman’s for this project I had to do for a class and man, every time I go into this store, it’s like home..but a far far away home – from my pocket-book that is. We all know Neiman’s carry the very high-end, luxury stuff, but they got some stuff for us poorer people too. I fell in love with four items. Now, personally, the dress by Rachel Zoe, I would not buy. Only because I am 100% sure I could find a less expensive (un-cheap) version. But for the other items, it just don’t get no better than that, right?

Blair Strapless Bubble Dress (Store Top Seller!)                                                            Rachel Zoe $295
Mixed Beaded Clutch, White (CUSP Top Seller!)                                                                 Moyna $120
Gunmetal Skinny Earrings (CUSP Top Seller!)                                                                Nakamol $40
Golden Bow Cuff (CUSP Top Seller!)                                                                   Av Max $85

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