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Are You Plum For Polly?

I received an email from Refinery 29 where I could get $100 for $50. I really wanted to pick up a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes but the pair that I wanted were no longer available. So I opted for the first two dresses and the gold clutch instead.

1. The Colorblocked Maxi Dress $60

2. The Rina Dress $45

3. The Shirt Dress $35

4. The Oversized Clutch $40

5. The Sweet Bow Clutch $30

Skyroom $175

I went back & forth with these shoes – They’re bad, however, that’s a 6 inch heel & I just don’t think I’d be able to handle it.

 Dressen Combo Suede $182 at Tobi.com

These are the shoes that enticed me into purchasing the coupon code, but sadly, they were nowhere on the website (sucka me).

2 thoughts on “Are You Plum For Polly?

  1. both dresses came in and I love them both. The orange dress was a bit big so I exchanged it and the smaller one fits perfectly

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