Out with the old, in with the new

I’ve been busy, out-of-town, because I’m moving… down south, and really excited/nervous. But it’s one of those situations that neither The Man, nor I created…it’s just obviously what we’re supposed to be doing at this time in our lives, and I aint mad about it. So, whenever I’m strapped for cash, I just don’t like to even tempt myself. Hence the long blog ‘vacations,’ lol!

I move next week. Thank goodness his company is taking care of all of the arrangements because he already started work last month and is not here to really help. Honestly, he usually pretty much packs and unpacks everything. I’m not even gonna act like I can be considered instrumental in that process. But I’m still kinda stressed. Gotta withdraw myself and the little ones from school. Register for new schools, shut off /transfer utility services, and try to have some form of organization when the movers get here Monday. I already took eleven bags and two boxes to the Goodwill. Never again should I let that much stuff accumulate. And none of that includes The Man’s stuff as he was not here to go through it. I swear he has over 100 pair of shoes in which half of them have been sitting in the garage for a year and a half…I found some jean outfits in the attic the other day and asked him if he wanted me to get rid of them in which he replied, “No.” I’m sure those have been in some sort of storage situation for at least five years.

So out with the old and in with the new right? Well the new is going to have to be furniture as we are in dire need. Our leather couches came from Ikea…’nuff said. Add two rambunctious little boys and you can just imagine what these couches are looking like today. I’ve always been waaay more into clothes, shoes and bags, than house furnishings. After having kids, extravagant decorating just really didn’t make sense when you’re worried about kids crashing into tables, vases breaking and walls being colored on. However, as they are getting older, I think it’s finally time to start putting more emphasis on our abode. Here are a few ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new

    • Hey Jave!

      I feel your pain about moving. I had to move back and forth between Maryland and Detroit a few times and it is no fun.

      I am excited for you! I hope the experience for you and your family will be a pleasant one. I like that horchow antiuqe cabinette and the swing chair.

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