Make Up

What girl doesn’t want to fill her make up bag, caboodle, shelf, closet with M.A.C. products??? Walking into the M.A.C. store is like a make-up wonderland. Don’t even let me get started on Sephora! I looove all the wonderful and bright eye colors. Unfortunately, my eyes are very sensitive though and thusly, I have been limiting myself to Sei Bella (used to be Nicole Miller) which can be ordered through Melaleuca. Now, I’m gonna have to call Melaleuca and tell them about themselves because this makeup line is so sad. They have a nice collection of eye shadows, but it’s simply not enough. And when it comes to eye liners, it just makes me want to yawn. I have the option of brown, black …Okay, I just got completely distracted and spent about 30 minutes adding items into my cart on the Melaleuca website (not make-up!). I logged on to look for the eye liner colors to check and make sure I had them correct, but as soon as I logged on, I was side tracked by the advertisements of their mother’s day items (new scented lotions, hand soaps and body scrubs, etc). I just realized, after hanging up with my mother-in-law (and checking on my slightly burnt spicy, turkey sausages in which I also completely forgot about), that I had unconsciously aborted my original mission!!!  So…back to the eyeliner. They have brown, black, navy, deep bronze and charcoal. Boring!!! I need some purples, greens and some sparkles and glitter too. So, what’s a girl to do in my predicament? I’ve cruised the make-up aisles of Walgreen’s and Rite Aid, stopping at the Almay and Physicians Formula section, but honestly, it does absolutely nothing for me. I want to look like this

Not like this


So, do any of you know of a good hypoallergenic brand that has a wide range of beautiful eye shadow and liner options that is not like, 50 bucks?


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  1. I wish I could be some help to you but as you know I hardly ever wear eye makeup and never liner because I want to see…If you do find some let your mama know. Happy searching!

  2. Jave!

    I used to get MAC makeup. I still use their brushes. A friend and I used to go to Canada to “The Bay” department store in Windsor. They had a wonderful MAC makeup counter. Now that you mention it, it is time for me to get a new brush for my eye makeup.

    And, you can’t burn the turkey sausage, ecspecially the spicy. It is soo good!

  3. Hi Thissofly,
    I too have developed allergies to eye make up. I have found some pretty eye shadows at the health food store of all places. They are made of minerals which are suppose to be better for you. The eyeliners, are another story I haven’t seen a lot of different colors in those. Good luck in your search for the shiny and fun colors.

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