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Hot for

Anyone who likes clothes, reads fashion magazines or blogs knows that right now, what you need to be rocking on your legs are some cropped, colorful, skinny jeans. I’m a fan of the lights and whites too, but it makes no sense not to have a couple pair of brights hanging in your closet as well.

So todays email included William Rast, “A new American culture denim brand.” I’ve never heard of him but the price is pretty nice. Much easier on the pocket than a lot of other brands… but only if you get them through a site like where they are marked down from $165 (a ridiculous price I might add). I couldn’t find any bright colors by William Rast so I looked up a few other brands that I know are currently carrying this style. Now if you have deeper pockets,, Joes Jeans, AG Adriano Goldschmeid, Paige and Hudson are all very nice brands.

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I, personally, do not want to wear anything else on my legs this spring/summer unless I’m in a dress!

2 thoughts on “Hot for

    • Hey Wanda, anytime!! We love the new house and the are adapting very well. The boys are enjoying being able to play outside everyday and are making friends in the neighborhood! They still talk about IL and Detroit. Funny how they use the state for one place and the city for the other…

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