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Jewels in Mint…?

I used to subscribe to I don’t know what happened. I guess maybe I unsubscribed??? I get sooo many emails from all these sites advertising all this cute stuff and it just makes me want to buy buy buy. occasionally I go through my email and unsubscribe to like, everything because I have very little self-control, especially when I feel like I’m getting a deal! Buy buy buy can lead to broke broke broke and I mean, if it was just me, I think I could find a way to deal with it. At least I’d have all my cute stuff right? (Whoa that was vain, I know.) But nope, it’s these other family members that live in my household that have to be taken care of too…

So, I just cannot believe that I actually unsubscribed to this site because quite frankly, it’s rather lovely. I actually forgot all about it (because I’m not seeing the emails anymore), but recently, it’s just been popping up everywhere. I watch a lot of youtube videos about make-up and ‘natural’ hair styles and these girls keep mentioning it. I feel it is a sign.

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All right now, everything is $29.99, but shipping is free (unless you want it expedited). Your first item will be 50% off (I believe they’re still offering this to newbies) and occasionally, they have sales or coupons where you can buy one get one free. I have about five or six pieces and the jewelry is pretty durable. I am completely satisfied with it because it’s never done me wrong. And I’m really into unique items. Nowadays, you can find really colorful, different pieces in most big department stores. I walked through Macy’s the other day (notice I said through) only stopping at their jewelry which was sitting right there smack dab in the middle of the aisle (as they do on purpose), calling my name. I was hugely impressed by the variety of brightly colored, big and gaudy earrings and bracelets – just my style! Jewelmint definitely has some comp but nevertheless, I am still a fan.   

Sidenote. Why is it called Jewelmint?


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