I think that you should become a Julep Maven BECAUSE your first order will be just 1¢. I have to admit that some of these monthly subscription sites are getting on my nerves but hey, if I can get three, trendy nail polish colors for a penny, I’m down. First (dunh du dunh) you have to fill out a little survey. Then they choose three colors that they feel fits your personality and style. Just add “penny” in the coupon/voucher box and viola,  magically the monthly rate of $19.99 transforms into 1¢ (shipping is free). You can buy other stuff on their site specific to mani/pedi care if you choose. Here’s what I’m getting;

 It Girl Intro BoxI think they just want you to feel special by taking that silly quiz because it looks like everyone gets the same “intro box.” I absolutely love the colors anyway…I’m a huge green fan (and purple and blue). Supposedly all the colors are toxin free (which I’m feelin’), and they last longer. They donate a dollar for every polish sold to women’s organizations too.

Check it out right here; You get a free month for every two people you refer!

Oh, btw – you can skip a month or cancel at anytime!


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