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Cheesy? Or Not?

FredericksofHollywood.com. Am I the only one who goes to this site sometimes just for the clothes?? I have to be honest and let you know that I have never purchased clothing from Fredericks of Hollywood – only under garments. I know it can be cheesy (everything is like rayon), but they have some really cute stuff sometimes. Yes, you may only be able to wear it to the club. But I club every now & then…Some of the dresses put me in the frame of mind of Oscar Fierro’s designs who was kicked off of Fashion Star on the second episode.Cheap but we see it all the time. (♥ this show!) I’m not really feeling the “mentors” though. Would’ve been nice to have some people who are known for fashion and have been in the industry and paid their dues. I personally think I would be rather offended to be mentored by Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie if I went to school for design /had my own line. Nothing against them…Just saying…


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