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My Julep Polish and Spring/Summer Shoes, Shoes, & more Shoes

Before we get to the shoes, I wanna update y’all about Julep. I received my package just a few days after I ordered. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it came so quickly. So first, let me digress to my thoughts before receiving the package. I was thinking, “$19.99 for three nail polishes???” I know that OPI’s and Essie’s are more than this at $8 a pop but I don’t frequently buy these brands unless I fall head over heels with a color or style, or I catch it on sale. I can go right up to Walgreen’s and get me a couple bottles of Sinful Colors, and honestly, the quality of the two are not that different to me. I also really like Sally Hansen (especially the quick dry colors). I have not yet found a brand that does not peel within the second day (I hand wash dishes because I don’t trust the dishwasher, have two small kids that I have to help in the tub, etc…my hands are always in water). I have tried numerous top “no-chip” coats but nothing has worked so far. So basically, I decided that I was not feeling paying that much on three polishes.

Fast forward to a few days ago when my package arrived and I’m singing a whole nother story. I ♥♥♥ this freaking brand!!! All right now, I polished my nails Saturday night. It is now Monday night and with the exception of one disobedient nail, I nails still look freshly manicured. Obviously I’m easy to please if it’s only been two days, but like I said, I’m use to it chipping the very next day! The polish went on extremely smooth, like the smoothest I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t remember the smell which makes me think it was very mild or almost nonexistent and the polish is super pigmented so the color just freaking pops. I applied a sally top coat and the shine is ah’mazing still. I’m so excited (if you can’t already tell). I wanted to take a picture daily of the results until I remove it, but I just never got to it. I will take at least one pic and post for ya tho.

On to the shoes – these are all under $100, many under $50


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