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What’s under that Sheer?

I have all these sheer tops and blouses that I have always worn with a camisole underneath. But now, according to the style, I no longer have to wear anything under my sheer tops. Not even a bra! Well, I’m not quite that brave, but I can rock the lingerie underneath. I’m sure you all have seen this out and about. Some women sport the peek-a-boo style where if you aren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even notice…I think it’s pretty cool

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All pics are from Fashionising.com


2 thoughts on “What’s under that Sheer?

  1. I can’t get with this trend maybe I’m to old…What’s left if everything is on display..I guess it’s the sign of times…

    • yes it is a sign of the times because this trend makes me super excited! but like I said, I wont be going bra-less. I think it can be classily done with layering.

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