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Mrs. Fox

20120712-120709.jpg Emma Fox Lily Foldover $130

Okkk!! So when I tell u that my mom, my sis and myself were like fighting over this bag at TJMaxx, I’m not lying! My mom saw it first….but I got it (spoiled me!). We ended up spotting another one that really was gorgeous but it didn’t have quite as much pizzazz because it was monotone, camel. It was gorg and very sophisticated but u know I’m all about the pop! So right next door was a Marshalls (TJMaxx sister store) and guess what? They had the exact bomblicious bag! My sis got this one. Moms opted out because she’s not really into large bags. Can’t wait to carry it! Oh yeah, what makes it xtra special is that it folds over when u carry it in ur hand! Omgeezy!


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