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Nasty Gal

Reminds me of the Destiny’s Child song (…go put some clothes on!!!). Love that song. Was it from their very first album??

So I opened up my most recent, “What’s New At Nasty Gal” email and was delighted by a few items. I have to admit I haven’t visited the site in a while, but not because I’ve suddenly decided that I am no longer a fan. I’m just trying to be good. Ooh, this is totally a completely off topic side note, but I just looked down at my nails and had the urge to pick pick pick. I (hand) washed the dishes about an hour ago (yes I still hand wash my dishes unless I’m feeling extra lazy because one of the things I absolutely loathe in life is pulling a dirty dish from the dishwasher. This saves me the annoyance.), and was admiring the nonchippedness of them except this one little spot on the tip of my right thumb. So, typically when I submerge my hands into water, my polish just melts away but I’ve taken the advice of youtuber, The Iceiing and applied crazy glue to the tips of my nails prior to my polish and viola! OK, back to Nasty Gal (I had to look up at the title to remember what I was writing about). At work today, my manager made us take a quiz that would let us know whether or not we’re intro or extroverted and one of the questions asked was, “Is it difficult for you to focus?” …I said no, ha!

All right now, lemme just get to the point

I just love floral jeans ♥ Desert Rose Floral Jeans $68

These are super cute but $190? Puh leeze

Outrageous Fortune Dress $88

Double Cross Tee $38 – I’m all about exposed backs

Ruffled Crop Tee $38 – I’m also all about anything sheer

How cute is this? It probably itches though. Metallic Pop Knit $58 – Looking at it a second time, it actually reminds me of those burlap bags you race in…not sure if that’s a good thing…

If you didn’t know, I’m telling you ahora – Peplum is what’s hot right about now. Perfect Peplum Dress & Jailbreak Peplum Dress, both $58

Belladonna Crochet Top $48 – Loving the 70s feel

Patchwork Dot Dress $48 – Not sure if I’m going to be able to live without this one!

Wow! Jaw Dropper – Eagles Shadow Bikini $110

Jet Romper $88 – Y’all know I love me some rompers

Chiffon Twist Blouse $48

Dotted Crop Shirt $48


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