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Currently in the market for a new watch. I’d wanted one of those uber popular Michael Kors but really, it just got too big for me. Everybody and they mama got a Michael Kors watch and I’m not one for jumping on bandwagons. I’m in need of a good gold(ish) watch. Already have a great dainty silver oneBela

but would like a nice one to wear with gold. So, I was looking at Macy’s cause I have this $25 gift card that one of my dearest friends gave me for my birthday (2yrs and 2mths ago…) and I’m going to use this bad boy. Originally I was looking at brands like Marc Jacobs and I found a Bulova watch too that was in the running. However, I would’ve never in a thousand years thought that I’d fall in love with a Juicy watch!?! My head is so conflicted because I equate Juicy with high-schoolers but y’all, I’m really diggin’ it. I’m not gonna lie – The Man bought me this Juicy bag a few years ago that I absolutely love but seldom carry – it’s quite the bomb (I kept wondering why seldomly was red lined and it’s because it’s not a word. Who woulda thunk! Learned something today, yes!)

Juicy Couture Watch, Women's Stella Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet 41mm 1900900$295

So yeah, this kinda sorta favors the whole Michael Kors craze but hey, this style of watch is just what’s up right now.

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