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I work directly across from Tiffany and right next door to Jimmy Choo. I must say that my husband, The Man, is extremely lucky because I have not stepped one foot in either of these stores. He needs to be counting them blessings right about now!! Okay, this post is extremely random. It was inspired by a song I was just listening to that is, as Tamar would say, the I tell you when Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne get together on a record, it’s quite hot, rather scorching as the song says, but you know, in a really good way. I’ve repeated it about three times and forced myself to move on as to not tire myself of it. Guess what came on next? Stank Love (Outkast). Way to keep it moving phone shuffler computer thingy. So I have made a few, little tiny purchases lately. Let me show you what I got so there will be some substance to this random post. Though I firmly believe there’s absolutely no substance to fashion whatsoever besides avoiding indecent exposure. But us being the vain (some would call it superficial) creatures we are – love, eat and breathe it right?



Oh yeah, I also bought two bras from guess where? My (and my cousins) website, One’s a great leopard print and the other is a bright coral. Both super comfortable and seamless under my shirts. It’s still a work in progress but off to an exciting start.


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