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Out of Stock

I HATE it when I’m on a site, click on an item and it says, “Out of stock.” If this isn’t one of the most annoying things in life!!!

So yay!!! Today is one of my sweetest sweetie pie’s birthday – he’s 6 (can’t blieve I have a 6 yr old y’all). I really really think that I am waaaay more excited about his bday than he is. We typically don’t make a huge deal about birthdays or holidays period, so I can totally understand why his excitement level is like a 6 out of 10. I surprised him at school with cupcakes and I honestly believe he was happier to see me than the cupcakes. I mean, he was geeked about them too but the look on his face when I arrived (minus cupcakes in my hand because I’d already set them down) was priceless. Kids – I love em. There’s absolutely no better feeling in the world than the one they give you.

So currently, I’m browsing the Nasty Gal site and came across a cute twisted crop top and of course, when I clicked on it, it was out of stock. I mean, what a complete waste of my time and mouse clicks?!? But of course I found some other pleasing items that I envisioned myself strutting around in.source code bodysuit $98

software bodysuit $58

Daring eh?

crochet tap shorts $58

Crochet is the ish right now

Loving this –

I walked into Nordstrom because I left the house without lip gloss (gasp) the other day – this never ever ever happens. Well worth the $26 cause it’s the bomb baby, bomb baby

What I’m listening to right now? Wildfire by Drake – yo I’m really diggin it eventho I kinda played it out a few months ago

3 thoughts on “Out of Stock

  1. you make motherhood sound exciting instead of confining 🙂 u get a “good mommy” sticker today. i cant believe u spent 26 dollars on some lip gloss tho. that made me cringe……lol

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