Braids, but first, some other stuff

I know my posts have become crazy scattery lately. I can’t promise that I’m going to keep them consisting of minimal words and maximum pictures until my head calms down, but I’m going to try (er…after this one). Whenever I have a whole lot of life going on, numerous thoughts bombard my head all at the same time and it’s difficult to keep them organized and cohesive. Actually, I’ve always been that way but it’s amplified X 10 when I’m going non stop. So despite the trabajo (& it must b expressed that I haven’t worked a real go to a place between this and that time in over a year),, and taking care of my beautiful BB’s (little men), The Man has been traveling something worsem lately. My days have frequently begun at 5:30am (typically it’s btw 6:15/6:30) and it’s a mess that I have to drive the baby to preschool just to come back to the house and wait for the elementary school bus because if I reversed that, I’d b tremendously late for work.

In the words of my wise little sis, “…..” Well, I can’t remember exactly what she said to me earlier today but basically she was checking my randomness, and I feel it would behoove me take heed the advice.

On another note, I got my hair braided, yay! I’ve been wanting it braided all summer but you know how it goes. I LOVE them! It’s so much easier not having to do my hair everyday. It’s like a huge burden has been lifted, seriously. I’m thinking about keeping them in forever. Sike, but on the real for maybe a year. I’ll give my hair a break every 2.5 months for about a week so I can “rest it” and deep condition. Most likely it will be different types of braids, maybe even some cornrow styles. Not sure how “ethnic” the job will let me go though…I’m on a healthy hair growth kick and want to keep it protected in the process.


I know it’s a bootleg photo. I don’t have any of those editing apps, and the phone is trying to take all the glory.


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