Accessories / Purses

Just worked 8 days in a row. Again. I’m so tired/sleepy, I think I may hibernate for the rest of the entire day. Except after working 8 days in a row, everything else in my life is in such disarray that I am not afforded the luxury. OK, it’s not in that much disarray, but there is a lot of ish that needs to be taken care of. But first, a long hot bath will be taken to soak my weary bones. At some point today, I do plan to visit Macy’s. I need to use this gift card in conjunction with my 20% off coupon.

I briefly walked around Lenox (Atlanta) yesterday with a co-worker while we were waiting for CPK (California Pizza Kitchen. Not Cabbage Patch Kid) to finish baking the 12 pies that were ordered for us. I don’t usually shop in malls. I feel it’s too much work. I never have the energy for all those stores. But I did get rather excited. I’d never ever in my whole entire life entered a Club Monaco.

Natalie Two-Tone Cross-Body - Club Monaco Handbags - Club MonacoNatalie Two Tone Crossbody $149.50

I love the way it opens. They also had these Gold stacking rings that are the bomb. I think they were around $36. Didn’t really focus much on the clothes but the accessories were definitely worth the visit. We also stopped through  C Wonder. What a cute store! They serve you lemonade and give you candy. My kinda store : ) Even if the lemonade had a slight sushi taste to it (super weird right?), it was the thought that counts???

Nappa Leather Passport WalletNappa Leather  Passport Wallet $128

I primarily like this because it has a handle. But I’m not sure if it would fit all my wallety stuff along with my cell. Oh, cell phones. I forgot I just ordered a new case.

Life Proof $79.99 but I purchased it for $27 on Ebay. Yay me!

Back to C Wonder;

Tablet KeyboardTablet Keyboard $80

This store had all kinds of cute little items, as well as clothes. I wasn’t all up in checking out the quality vs value, but it definitely was a pleasant experience.

I’m not a big fan of Coach but they have the cutest little crossbody’s ever.

Leather Colorblock New Willis $258

Legacy Leather Mini Saddle $158

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