You Ain’t Gotta Jock (jay z), Jock Fly Ish

Been driving the car and there’s a cd changer in it. Seems weird to me now that we all listen to Iphones but we only have one plugy thing and he has it. Can’t always take the same six songs being repeated on the radio (still can’t get enough bands’ll make her dance tho – don’t judge me). Love listening to NPR but sometimes when they get into them non news stories, I can’t follow. Currently in my tape deck, uh, cd changer are: Neptunes Clones, Jamie Foxx, Adele, two R&B mix tapes, and this Jay Z mix tape. (The Man put them in almost a year ago if not longer). Diggin’ it. Probably listen to Jay Z more than any of the others. Some of his songs get me so hype, I think I’m from Brooklyn! Not even a huge fan of his anymore like I was back in the day. Not feeling “the rock” if you get my drift, but nonetheless, can’t deny his talents and who gave them to him.

(Today, personal pronouns did not matter to me)

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